McKee, Cytopathology of the Breast

McKee, Cytopathology of the Breast
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Etiquetas: McKee, Cytopathology of the Breast

© 2002, Oxford University Press, 296 pages., 21 cm x 20 cms., Hardback

This book is the culmination of approximately 15 years of experience in breast cytology, which includes the reporting of over 30,000 breast cytology specimens. The cytology of all aspects of the breast is covered, from normal breast with its variations, through benign lesions, both non-neoplastic and neoplastic, to the various types of malignancy, and including male breast. As the primary purpose of any diagnostic procedure on the breast is to detect or rule out malignancy, detailed discussion of breast carcinoma is included. Fine-needle aspiration cytology is dealt with in great detail, from procurement of specimen to preparation and staining of samples. Reporting categories are discussed in depth, with examples of the types of lesion that may be found in each category. Lavish illustrations in full color are included for almost all lesions as pictures illustrate cytologic features much more clearly than do verbose descriptions. Knowing the incidence of a particular entity does not necessarily help in its diagnosis, whereas seeing the morphological features usually leaves a lasting impression. A summary of the cytologic features is included under each topic. Pitfalls that may be encountered are also detailed. The detection of breast cancer is a multidisciplinary endeavor, therefore mammographic and ultrasound images as well as histologic counterparts of the lesions are included, giving the reader a comprehensive view of breast disease

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