Cael, Functional Anatomy

Cael, Functional Anatomy
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© 2011, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1ª Ed., 464 págs., 18 cm x 25 cm, Tapa Dura.

With the use of dynamic visuals and kinesthetic exercises, Functional Anatomy helps readers to explore and understand the body's structures, regions, layer of the body, from bones to ligaments to superficial and deep muscles. Muscle profiles indicate origin, insertion, and innervation points while step-by-step instructions teach effective bone and muscle palpation.

Readers will also learn how structures help the body move through joint motion, and passive and resisted range of motion techniques. Each region ends with the culmination of structure and function to illustrate how they function together to achieve motion of daily activities as well as the movement involved in sports.

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